Welcome on my 
-opened since Jenuary 2013-

I am a Photography & Fashion blogger.

What is this about?
In my blog 100% of the photos are taken my myself.

It's simply the way I decided to run my own blog.
The BEST way, considering my passion for photography.

I love to realize photoshoot with the products I received.
(I don't like posting campaign or institutional pictures, with rare exceptions)

It's all about the experiences I made 
THROUGH the lens of my Canon.

What does "Very Berry Bee" means?
"very berry" indicates my favourite color ever, 
which is reddish purple.

"berry" is also for my passion for all the mixed berry fruits: 
strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries..
you got it, right? :D

In fine, "bee" is my nickname 
(my real name is Beatrice)
I love it because it also means the insect.


enjoy it.

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